Effective Management Begins Here

Sales Force Management System (SFMS)

Effective management of the Sales Force lies at the heart of the success of almost all businesses. In today’s information rich world, consumers and business people have access to more information and more options. For this reason, sales professionals and sales managers need to deploy sophisticated sales and sales force management tools to stay on top. Sales automation is an information system that helps/automate some sales and Sales force management functions through tracking their visit tied with Geo location. It could be combined with any customer relationship management (CRM) systems.

Live Tracking

Assess your teams’ route in real-time with IMS SFMS. Our platform gives you the ability to monitor start and end points with time log for every team member, while also ensuring live visibility of every sales person on the map.

Route Monitoring

Our system provides an error-free Time Log of client visits for each employee, so the leadership is always aware. Assign your sales team effective and time efficient routs to better serve the clients..

View by business type

Our SFMS platform gives you the ability to analyze your teams success rate while visiting clients in the field. Connect the SFMS with any CRM and know exactly when and where a deal is closed, a ticket is created or an issue is resolved.