Fleet tracking and fleet management

IMS platform provides out-of-the-box elements and APIs to significantly reduce time to market and your effort to develop fleet tracking solutions and gps vehicle tracking systems.

Benefits include:

  • Dependable and fault-tolerant data collection for your vehicle trackers and other embedded sensors;
  • Enhanced and adaptable IoT data visualization for both real-time and historical vehicle data;
  • Customizable dashboards to share data from the vehicle tracking system with end users and/or customers;
  • Integration with third-party analytics frameworks and solutions for advanced insights and import those insights back to your vehicle tracking system.

Our system provides production ready server infrastructure to connect your smart cars and vehicles, collect, store and analyze various vehicle data, and share results of the analysis with your customers and end-users.

IMS Tracking dashboard

The following interactive dashboard hosted on live demo server represents vehicle routes and state indicators visualization that may be embedded in your IoT fleet tracking project. See dashboard description below.