Mobile Device Management (MDM)

IMS MDM system is a comprehensive enterprise device management solution. We have designed it to enable your organization with the power of mobility through enhancing employee productivity without compromising your organizations security. Our system lets you manage smartphones, laptops, tablets, and desktops along with multiple operating systems such as iOS, Android, Windows, macOS, and Chrome OS.

Device Management

Single console for complete mobile device management

App Management

Track the entire life cycle of apps

Security Management

Enforce stringent security policies

Email Management

Configure, secure and manage corporate email

Content Management

Securely share, save & view document on devices


Separate corporate and personal data

Supported Platforms for MDM

Manage multiple mobile platforms from a single interface.




Chrome OS

Mobile device management

  • Self-enrolment and management from our MDM console
  • Monitoring and deployment of enterprise wide policies
  • Remotely wipe devices
  • Low battery and data consumption
  • Track device location

Device and data security

  • Communication use HTTPS and MQTT / TLS Protocols
  • Securely wipe device
  • Lock the device remotely
  • Possibility to force device encryption
  • Customise password requirements
  • Password reset
  • GPS to locate device remotely if lost / stolen


  • Simultaneous management of fleets
  • Remotely install / uninstall apps
  • Remotely deploy/remove files
  • Set Audio Profile
  • Copy files on devices anywhere on
  • Uhuru Mobile and only on SD card on other devices
  • Enable / Disable Bluetooth
  • Enable / Disable Wi-Fi
  • Send messages to device
  • Enable / Disable NFC
  • Enable / Disable Camera
  • Enable / Disable GPS
  • Enable / Disable Airplane Mode
  • Enable / Disable Hotspot and
  • Tethering
  • Enable / Disable Mobile Line
  • Enable / Disable Roaming
  • Enable / Disable Speakerphone
  • Enable / Disable USB connectivity (ADB, FTP, MTP, PTP)
  • Enable / Disable Screen captures
  • Enable / Disable Status Bar
  • Enable / Disable Sounds (Accessibility, Alarm, DTMF, Media, Notifications, Ringer, System)