April 27, 2019

Telecom Expense Management

We have created a set of services which focus on reducing and managing corporate and institutional wireless costs. On average, our clients achieve ongoing savings from our work on their accounts.


Dramatic Savings

Learn how every device and circuit is used. Track, analyze and update your complete telecom inventory so you will know when it is time to make changes that affect the bottom line.

Access to dozens of standard and ad hoc reports — from enterprise level to individual line charges to call-level details — is designed to provide comprehensive and comprehensive analysis of telecom services ‘ overall costs.

More detailed user data helps you to make more accurate decisions, plan and budget, and cut costs. Electronic data management means better cash management, greater accountability for telecom expenses, and the ability to identify trends.

  • Establish and maintain an accurate service inventory
  • Acquire and validate global invoices
  • Manage contracts and rate plans
  • Audit invoices
  • Manage billing disputes
  • Optimize and pool rates
  • Allocate costs
  • Approve invoices
  • Pay invoices on time
  • Manage real-time mobile costs

Audit & Recovery

We would like to highlight a few important points about our unique approach.

We represent our clients and our services do not rely on changing your service provider.

We need access to your bill, but you still receive it directly from your current carrier(s).

Our services do not require any new or additional equipment

Our services do not require an investment in new software. We are compensated based on savings. The savings we achieve for our clients is ongoing and we are only compensated on the savings we help them recognize.

Let our Iconic Analysts audit your bill.